About Us

CrossPointe Counseling is a Biblically based, Christ-Centered Ministry established in 1990. CrossPointe Counseling is the counseling and discipleship ministry of William M. Gray, PhD.

Dr. Gray has over 24 years experience as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with a doctorate in counseling. He specializes in individual, couples and family therapy, and maintains CrossPointe Counseling as a counseling ministry in Tucson, Arizona.

Prior to his work at CrossPointe Counseling, Dr. Gray has served as the senior pastor of a church in Leadville, Colorado, an assistant pastor at Valley Christian Church in Tucson, Arizona, and a consultant for a Christian Family Care Agency also located in Tucson.

Dr. Gray's approach to the issues people face is Biblically based and Christ-Centered. He utilizes his skill and experience of clinical factors as well as spiritual and emotional factors people face to provide for the best possible care.

Dr. Gray maintains a professional network and relationship with several medical doctors in the community to help serve those needs should that become necessary. He can also coordinate care with your own physician.